Arts and crafts
The trademark

Skills, taste and knowledge: a community’s trademark

Once born out of necessity, the arts and crafts of Oliena have been transformed from community arts into good skills. While keeping the features passed through generations, they developed a contemporary yet local taste.


The most famous art is embroidery, and its peak is the elements enriching the traditional dress. The arabesques and details of the women’s headpiece are appreciated all over the world and they are an inspiration for artists and designers alike. The women embroiderers still use ancient techniques, which are an attraction by themselves.

Leather goods

There are only two elements in the man’s dress made by man: the shoes, which are always taylor-made and are a perfect reproduction of those used in the past by farmers and shepherds. Nowadays, there are even modern versions, more appealing to the younger crowds. The other item is sa hintoglia, a finely hand-made stunning belt.

Sa taschedda is another accessory made of leather by hand, and it’s a small backpack used to store food and tools by the shepherds of the past, and still very much appreciated today.


Sardinia has a tradition of precious carpets and tapestries. Their value lies in their geometric shapes, the harmony of their figures, the colours, and the flawless technique. Once, sa fressada was made using a vertical frame – it’s a large tapestry very hard to come by in its entirety nowadays because the families used to cut it in pieces and give them to the heirs.


Woodworks is a very ancient art, which survives nowadays through hand-made furniture and objects. The traditional Sardinian bench is still very much appreciated by many. The classic motifs are currently being offered along with more modern, contemporary ways to carve wood.


Oliena has a glorious jewellery tradition; needless to say, its most famous ones are filigree used in the traditional dress’s jewels. This art has been influenced through the centuries by the continuous exchanges with other populations in the Mediterranean Sea. These were initially processed on the island to make symbols and amulets. Among the most famous jewels, sa gutturada made with gold and coral, s’isprugadente in silver and colourful stones, and the magnificent rosaries made of gold, mother-of-pearl, and coral.


Ceramics in Oliena follows two main streams: the traditional Sardinian style, varied and rich in history, and another, more edgy way of rethinking the island’s style through the eyes of local artisans.

Wrought iron

Wrought iron is a remarkable material to represent a bridge between past and future. Objects for home, the railings and portals of times past are reborn through the hands of the artisans of today, who can shape the future with their mixed and contemporary design.

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