Saturday, 11th June 2022

Nepentes is an event all about the typical Cannonau of Oliena – the Nepente. The historical town centre will host local wineries, food and wine tastings. Grab the chance to taste the local food – whether it’s traditional food or recipes with a twist from the best chefs of Oliena, you will be spoiled of choice. The wines come from the most prestigious cellars in town, as well as small producers ones – choose among a selection of almost a hundred products. Music, arts, traditional dances and songs will liven up the event.

Saturday 11th June 2022, 19:00 
(After the host speech and the exhibition opening)

The area around the Calamida Garden, in the old town centre, will host an evening full of events – a wine tasting with a selection of the best Nepentes, music, arts, and lots of good food.

Taste your way through Oliena with a selection of 14 wines!

  • 7 wines selected amongst the best of the agricultural producers Nepentes
  • 6 wines from 6 Nepente cellars
  • Wine from the host Cantina Mesa
  • Great food – freely offered until it runs out!
  • Moving entertainment with folk music and Tenore songs
  • Live music from 21:45 with Pirati & Panadas Funk

Gavino Sanna will be the special guest of the Nepentes 2022 edition, wearing multiple hats for the event – advertising designer, creative, writer, and co-founder of Cantina Mesa.

On Saturday 11th June, 17:30, in the Calamida Garden Mr Sanna is going to tell all about his life as an advertising rockstar in the US and in Italy, and the remarkable advertising campaigns for famous brands and companies he’s worked for, leading him to win 7 Advertising Lions Awards in Cannes and 1 Telegatto Award. And of course, he’ll tell of the foundation of Cantina Mesa.

Afterwards, Mr Sanna will move on to open the “Gavino, carpets & wine” exhibition, a series of sarcastic and playful caricatures he’s dedicated to Sardinian and National politicians, as well as people from the entertainment industry. The exhibition hosts a series of Sardinian carpets made by the young members of “Sartapp” in Samugheo; the carpets are based on Mr Sanna’s ideas for the wine labels of Mesa.

The exhibition will be open from Saturday 11th until Sunday 26th June.

The Nepentes event is brought to you by Società Galaveras and Gabriele Doppiu, in partnership with the city of Oliena.

For more info, visit the Facebook page.

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