Food and wine
The taste of tradition

A legacy to pass on

Olive oil

The Mediterranean and Sardinia are renowned for the quality of their olive oil, and Oliena is one of the most brilliant points of excellence. The town has always had a strong connection with olive oil.  Just look at some of the olive trees around here, larger than 6 metres! Only ancient trees can reach such size.

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The Nepente wine

Nepente (which could be roughly translated into “That which takes the pain away”) was a miraculous drink capable of taking people’s pains away for ancient Greeks.
Famous Italian poet Gabriele D’Annunzio must have forgotten his if he decided to give Oliena’s wine the name Nepente.

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The carasau bread

Pane carasau is undoubtedly one of the most famous and appreciated in Sardinia. And it seems like it’s very ancient too. Some finds indicate this bread was being made as long as three thousand years ago. In addition to being delicate and fragrant, this bread keeps its characteristics for very long after being baked.

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Sweets as well are made each for a special occasion, just like bread.
Public holidays in Oliena – like Easter, Sant’Antonio Abate, San Lussorio, All Saints and Carnival – are essential and, therefore, each has its special treats. And so are rites of passage like Christenings and Confirmations, engagements and weddings alike.

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The area of Oliena is rich in biodiversity. Here we find many endemic types of almonds, full of nutrients and noble aromas – they are well appreciated and used by many Sardinian traditional patisseries.

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