August 18th-23rd
San Lussorio

San Lussorio’s is the biggest celebration of the year: six consecutive days of events organised in the previous 12 months by the town’s group of youngsters who will turn 30 that year.

On August 21st, which is a day dedicated to holy celebrations – everyone joins the procession dressed traditionally, either walking or riding elegantly adorned horses, following the saint along the streets of the old town. The celebrations last until the middle of the night, filling the city with songs and dances, colour and cheerfulness.

It all starts on the 18th with the Neighbourhoods’ Palio, a horse race involving all parts of the town. Every day ends at the square, with formal events (extemporary poets, Sardinian guitars, folklore) or pure entertainment (international concerts or DJ sets).

Sunny all day - Moderate southwest wind
16 / 6 °C
Sunny all day - Moderate west wind
20 / 6 °C
Sunny all day - Variable wind
24 / 8 °C
Sunny all day - Strong west wind
24 / 11 °C
Sunny all day - Strong west wind
17 / 11 °C
Sunny intervals throughout the morning and Sunny intervals with light rain shower later in the day - Strong west wind
16 / 7 °C
Sunny intervals throughout the morning and Overcast later in the day - Moderate northeast wind
13 / 7 °C