Holy Week, Easter and S’Incontru

The rites of Easter are very heartfelt for the community of Oliena, reviving each year their sense of belonging. The week before Easter sees the quite moving event of S’Iscravamentu (Christ is brought down from the Cross) on the holy Friday, accompanied by solemn tenore songs and traditional songs of the Passion (known in Sardinian as gosos).

On Easter’s Sunday, tons of visitors come to Oliena to witness S’Incontru, a rite celebrating the Risen Christ and the Virgin Mary meeting. This celebration includes traditional dresses, ancient traditions and plenty of enthusiasm, and the festival is always as big as it gets. It is one of the most critical moments in town and one of the most heartfelt.

Sunny all day - Moderate east wind
27 / 13 °C
Sunny throughout the morning and Overcast with heavy rain later in the day - Variable wind
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Sunny all day - Variable wind
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