24th June
San Giovanni

On June 24th, many youngsters get together on a horse at the prior’s house to reach the Church of San Giovanni, an old country church a few kilometres from town, known ever since the XVI century.

When they get there, a procession starts around the church, followed by a solemn mass.

Once this is over, the hùmbidu takes place, a traditional banquet once thought for shepherds. Until the 40s of the last century, the horse riders going back to town would show their prowess by jumping a big fire where s’istatua (statue) was burning – actually a puppet made of cloth. This rite was to expel evil spirits that might linger on the community.

Nowadays, the jump for San Giovanni is still performed, generally on the sunset before the celebration, in front of the houses’ doors.

Sunny all day - Moderate northwest wind
19 / 9 °C
Sunny all day - Moderate west wind
21 / 10 °C
Sunny all day - Variable wind
22 / 11 °C
Sunny throughout the morning and Sunny intervals later in the day - Variable wind
23 / 10 °C
Sunny intervals throughout the morning and Sunny later in the day - Variable wind
24 / 13 °C
Sunny all day - Moderate east wind
21 / 13 °C
Sunny intervals throughout the morning and Cloudy with light rain shower later in the day - Moderate east wind
16 / 11 °C