First week of September
Holy Virgin of Monserrat

Oliena waves goodbye to summer by celebrating the Virgin of Montserrat. The event takes place in a country sanctuary dedicated to the Virgin – it is on a hill 5 km outside of town. Some twenty humbressìas surround it, tiny houses for believers to stay in during the celebration. You can find peregrines walking to the sanctuary for the novena along the nearby vineyards and fields around the time of the festival. The hosts of the humbressìas warmly welcome the peregrines by offering them coffee and typical sweets of sugar iced sponge cake. Tenore songs, traditional dances and children’s shows will liven up the atmosphere.

Sunny all day - Moderate east wind
27 / 13 °C
Sunny throughout the morning and Overcast with heavy rain later in the day - Variable wind
28 / 16 °C
Sunny all day - Moderate west wind
30 / 16 °C
Sunny all day - Variable wind
26 / 13 °C
Sunny intervals throughout the morning and Sunny later in the day - Moderate west wind
31 / 15 °C
Sunny all day - Moderate east wind
27 / 17 °C
Sunny all day - Variable wind
30 / 17 °C