Fragrances of ancient times past
Olive oil

The Mediterranean and Sardinia are renowned for the quality of their olive oil, and Oliena is one of the most brilliant points of excellence. The town has always had a strong connection with olive oil.  Just look at some of the olive trees around here, larger than 6 metres! Only ancient trees can reach such size.

It seems that sallow oil (along with holm oaks) was already in use here over 3000 years ago, during the Nuragic age.

The fantastic knowledge of Oliena about oil comes from the know-how brought here by the Jesuits in the ’600s. Thanks to their efforts in kickstarting the production and cultivation of it.

The rest, it’s thanks to nature: a favourable climate and a substratum made of four types: basalt, granite, shale and limestone. Everyone knows that olive oil is full of nutritional and pharmaceutical values, and here you’ll find it in its most natural and straightforward form.

We suggest you try out two varieties: the Bosana olive, from which we make an aromatic and pleasantly sour olive oil, and the fresh and fruity Oliena’s Nera, and it comes directly from a selection made in the Nuragic times of a particular kind of sallow tree which produces big fruits.

Every year Oliena collects prestigious local and international prizes, which is why it is officially called “The City of Oil”.

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