Sweet dreams

Sweets as well are made each for a special occasion, just like bread.
Public holidays in Oliena – like Easter, Sant’Antonio Abate, San Lussorio, All Saints and Carnival – are essential and, therefore, each has its special treats. And so are rites of passage like Christenings and Confirmations, engagements and weddings alike.

In January, people get together around big fires lit to honour Saint Anthony. People can taste su pistiddu there – a kind of focaccia filled with a special filling made of sapa (cooked must) or honey.

At Carnival, you can find sas rugliettas – pass dough intertwined and shaped in various forms, then fried and covered with honey – and sos gugligliones, filled with honey dough and almonds, and then smothered with honey.

Sas hasadinas, made for Easter, are sweets coming from the world of shepherding, and they are uniquely flavoured with fresh pecorino cheese. There’s also sas hasadinas salias, similar to a savoury tart made with fresh cheese and to be consumed heated up first.

In Summer, particularly for the celebrations of Saint Lussorio, you can find pure white nougat with almonds and honey.

When the weather starts to cool down a little in November, for the All Saints celebration, people make sos papassions, with their comforting and energising filling enriched with almonds, walnuts and raisins.

The famous sevadas are filled with fresh melty pecorino cheese, and they are found all year round. Eaten as a complete meal in the past, nowadays they’re a little smaller and consumed with sugar and honey, as a dessert.

And then there are sweets made for private celebrations and rites of passage, one of these being sos amarettos, their unique taste coming from a perfect balance of sour and sweet almonds mix. They are soft and fragrant and go well with a small glass of Gucciu, a very sweet white wine that is great to finish the meal.

Pistoccos, meliheddas, marigosos, horiheddos, aranciada, pompia, idongiadu are as enticing as they are, and they can be an excellent way to discover this vibrant culture through food.

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