The nectar of the gods
The Nepente wine

Nepente (which could be roughly translated into “That which takes the pain away”) was a miraculous drink capable of taking people’s pains away for ancient Greeks.
Famous Italian poet Gabriele D’Annunzio must have forgotten his if he decided to give Oliena’s wine the name Nepente.

It is a solid flavoured Cannonau with aromas of this area. Its uniqueness comes from the famous Oliena’s know-how and the lucky mix of soils around the country of Oliena, made of granite and limestone.

This nectar’s unique flavour has always been the pride and joy of the people of Oliena, and this is even more, considering that we have been making wine for 3400 years in Sardinia!

The know-how and the job of wine-making itself in Oliena might come from the knowledge of some religious people who came here centuries ago.

In the ’500s, the minor priests of San Francesco da Paola took residency in Oliena, planting over ten thousand grapevines. In the following century, the Jesuits took over, planting about a hundred thousand Cannonau grapevines along with the entire territory by the end of the ’600s.

Today, numerous cellars offer a hip quality wine that represents the highest peak of a millennia-old tradition
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