A journey in time
Cortes apertas

For 25 years, Oliena has been opening yearly its houses to visitors on the second weekend of September. The old homes of the townspeople called sas cortes offers their most authentic food and traditions. It is a journey through the old town when every house (every corte) is a station worth stopping by to get your fill of smells, flavours and knowledge of the place.

You’ll see women and men alike buzzing around preparing typical dishes, and ancient recipes pass down one generation after another.

In some of the most ancient Cortes, you’ll be able to see tiny kitchens with stone burners, as well as the woodstove to cook the carasau bread. The families would get together to make the bread and spend some quality time, and you’ll be able to experience that same ancient atmosphere.

You will see first-hand homemade pasta being made by women, or the cheese-making process, which is still being made as before when shepherds took it with them on their journey. But, most of all, you’ll wash all this down with a fine glass of Nepente.

You’ll meet artisans, goldsmiths, blacksmiths, shoemakers, weavers and carpenters, all skilful enough to portray the spirit of their land in their works, putting in practice what the people before them taught.

Sas Cortes will be open for three days, and they will once again be the core of the house and life, a place to bring people together again.

The accordion will play non stop, inviting townspeople and visitors alike to start the dance. This occasion will be a celebration where everyone will be close together again when the squares create new friendships and find love.

Sunny all day - Variable wind
20 / 7 °C
Sunny all day - Strong west wind
17 / 7 °C
Overcast all day - Strong west wind
14 / 7 °C
Sunny intervals throughout the morning and Overcast later in the day - Strong west wind
15 / 5 °C
Sunny throughout the morning and Sunny intervals later in the day - Strong west wind
16 / 8 °C
Sunny throughout the morning and Sunny intervals later in the day - Moderate east wind
20 / 7 °C
Sunny intervals all day - Strong southeast wind
22 / 11 °C