Incantu de Sardigna
For free-spirited hearts only
Hiking around the Supramonte
Incantu de Sardigna

See for yourself canyons and dizzy gorges, desert plateaus, lush forests and sinkholes; unknown and ever-changing landscapes will unfold in front of your eyes.
In the evening, have a well-deserved rest over the fire with a glass of wine – you’ll get familiar with the warm (and essential) welcome of the pinnetos (mountain shelters similar to cabins), which remind you of the housings in the ancient Nuragic times.

You’ll be surrounded by unique flora and fauna, by families of cautious mouflon, majestic golden eagles, and solitary goshawks.

Incantu de Sardigna (Sardinia’s charm) is more than just a simple hiking trail. It is a tread linking the communities around the Supramonte. It is a journey through the stories of those who challenged this wild massif, and the prize for those with enough strength to face it will be moments of total immersion with pristine nature.

As a work of art, this unforgettable trail holds the signature of Mario Calaresu, a mountaineer from Oliena who dedicated his life to the mountains, especially to the Supramonte. He worked as a weaver: the old shepherds pointed him the ways, and he connected them all by creating a unified trail which goes from the heart of the island to the sea, all the way passing through the communities of this mountain: Oliena, Orgosolo, Dorgali, Urzulei e Baunei. His trails come from his love for nature and his deep respect for the culture and community; only recently, Mario made it public because it can be finally be done without disturbing the shepherds’ lives who would dot these formidable lands.

Things to know

You can complete the trail doing six stops in 6 consecutive evenings staying overnight in the mountains, or you can complete each stop by itself with the option of going back to town for the night.

Even if you are an expert, this hiking trail is available only with the help of expert guides.

The beginner’s trail requires good health conditions and suitable clothes; if you’re an expert, you’ll need complete mountaineering equipment. The minimum age is 15, and minors have to be accompanied by an adult.

The organisation will assist the hikers by carrying the breakfast and dinner, tents, mattresses, luggage and equipment.

Each hiker will have to bring the equipment required.

There is no water for almost the entire length of the trail, so there should be a proper amount (a min of 3 litres a day per person) which the organisers will hand on before each stop along with lunch.

There is no signal in many parts of the trail.

For the overnight stay you are going to use tents, as there are no shelters in the Supramonte. However, there might be a chance to stay in a cave or a pinnetu.

The best time to do it goes from the end of April till the end of June and from early September till the end of November.

The difficulty is indicated according to the criteria adopted by the Italian Alpine Club; for more info, please check the official CAI website.

* Key terms: E (excursionist), EE (expert excursionists), EEA (expert excursionists with gear), EEAF (expert excursionists with ferrata gear).

Incantu de Sardigna
Beginners trail
For those who don’t shy away from new challenges
Beginners trail

Starting point Oliena, località Su Càrmene (360 m circa of altitude)

Arrival Walk to Cala Luna or Cala Sisine. From then by sea from Cala Gonone or Santa Maria Navarrese and back to Oliena by land.
In case of adverse meteorological conditions, the organisation will find an alternative solution to going back by sea.

General info

Overall duration 6 days, or 1 day for each stop (8 hours circa)
Overall distance 86.329 km
Ascent difference in height +3288 m
Descent difference in height -3107 m
Max altitude 1227 m

Difficulty E (Excursionists)

Necessary equipment

Hiking shoes (high enough to protect your ankles)
Sleeping bag
Headlamp (and spare batteries)
Water bottle
Clothes according to the season, without forgetting: windbreaker, warm clothes for the night and long pants even during summer.
First Aid Kit
A map on a scale of 1:25.000
Bag with clothes and spare batteries, soap, basic needs etc. (the organisers 4x4s will carry it).

The organisers will provide tents and mattresses.
Due to the morphological characteristics of the Supramonte, we discourage the use of telescopic sticks.