The indomitable heart of the Barbagias
Mount Corrasi and the Massive of Supramonte

Mount Corrasi is a natural hiking paradise in Sardinia. A massive limy-dolomitic wall dotted with olives and holm oaks at its bottom while shining white at the top.
This mountain hosts 70 endemic plant species – some only found here, like the extremely rare Ribes Sardoum Martelli) – and it was once the kingdom of giant vultures and the Sardinian deer. Today we see a vibrant fauna, including muflons, wild boars, martens, foxes, wild cats, weasels, dormouse,  wild Sardinian hares and wild rabbits. You can also spot some birds of prey like the Golden Eagle, the goshawk, the sparrow hawk, the Peregrin falcon and the buzzard.

Mount Corrasi is part of the Massive of Supramonte, which is the pulsating heart of the Barbagias. Corrasi’s peak is the highest point of this mountainous formation which extends for 350 kilometres, surrounded by Oliena, Dorgali, Baunei, Urzulei and Orgosolo.
What brings here hikers worldwide is certainly not the high altitude, as Sardinian peaks have been eroded by time and have now much lower heights than before. What is unique about the Supramonte and Corrasi is their pristine nature, their one-of-a-kind landscapes, their rare signs of human presence, like the characteristic pinnetos. These round huts made of stone with a wooden roof were still used not so long ago by shepherds during their cattle drive and are surprisingly similar to the old Nuragic cabins of 3600 years ago.

The charm of these places lies in their magical ability to bring the wanderer into a pure world that is wild and unconquerable, a location outside of time which no man has ever managed to tame throughout time.

Sunny all day - Moderate southwest wind
16 / 6 °C
Sunny all day - Moderate west wind
20 / 6 °C
Sunny all day - Variable wind
24 / 8 °C
Sunny all day - Strong west wind
24 / 11 °C
Sunny all day - Strong west wind
17 / 11 °C
Sunny intervals throughout the morning and Sunny intervals with light rain shower later in the day - Strong west wind
16 / 7 °C
Sunny intervals throughout the morning and Overcast later in the day - Moderate northeast wind
13 / 7 °C